We were at Now Play This games festival in April 2016!

On the Friday afternoon Cara spoke about our work on Millie Moreorless from a games design perspective - how we built the game around a particular learning outcome for a particular audience. She was also interviewed in front of a live audience by Keith Stuart and Jordan Erica Webber from the Guardian. We reflect on the experience in our blog here.

On Saturday, Millie Moreorless was one of the games showcased at the festival, and was in excellent company with a variety of board games, puzzle games, parlour games, social games, games with lasers, games in courtyards, and others specially designed for the festival... 

We have been to Now Play This twice now, and it is always so much fun. We really recommend going along next time, and trying as many activities as you can. It would make a super outing with friends & family :)

Now Play This ran from April 1 - 3rd, at Somerset House. Part of the London Games Festival, it 'showcases the wider possibilities of games. The peculiar, the beautiful, the deeply experimental. It’s a place for games that get us playing in new and wonderful ways – whether that’s in groups, on our own, outside, inside, on or underneath tables. Games that send us running across courtyards, games situated on nearby screens, games that take place entirely in our heads'.


We were at BETT Show and loved seeing you there!

Will and Cara spoke in the Learn Live SEN theatre about our co-design process for developing Millie Moreorless with the help of volunteers with learning difficulties, and shared ideas on how we can make empowering games that are great for the classroom.

We enjoyed getting a discussion going around how children with additional learning needs can develop important skills through play, and connecting with new friends who'd like to collaborate on future projects.

Our session was called ''How to make learning fun for all' :)