Here are some of the reviews we've had for Millie Moreorless!

International Serious Play Awards 2016 - Gold Award

Pappas Appas  - 4 Stars

Children's Technology Review  - Editor’s Choice Award

‘This thoughtfully designed early math experience gives children a simple yet important early mathematics task…and provides a playful context for practice and mastery’

Games Ring

‘Gamers should feel a sense of delight when their industry makes the world a better place. … What we really love about the game is the fact that it’s backed by educational theory and scientific research on the problems that children with Down’s Syndrome may encounter.’

SchudioApps We Love

‘Millie Moreorless is one of the best, most important apps we’ve seen in a little while… The idea behind Millie Moreorless was to create a fun, engaging, addictive app that would help children to develop their sense of magnitude more quickly, setting them up brilliantly with skills to live a more independent and fulfilled life. And so, using an easy to learn, platform style game which is addictive (believe me!), children can develop this vital skill in an immensely fun and immersive way.’

Geeks with Juniors - Top Apps of 2016

'What makes Millie Moreorless a great learning game is its accessibility. Aimed towards children with Down’s Syndrome, it’s also enjoyable for children without disabilities. The game has a gentle learning curve and the right amount of challenges, plus lots of fun rewards that encourage the child to learn. It doesn’t punish the player harshly when he or she makes a mistake, instead opting for a gentle prod to try again.

Design-wise, there are many things to like about Millie or Moreorless. For starters, the interface is simple and easy to use. I like that you can glance at selection screen to check your child’s progress; any planet with a star on it means he or she has completed a level with over 80% correct answers. The graphics are colorful and vibrant, and the soundtrack is also quite lovely.'