Top Tech for Social Good, the Nominet Trust 100 by Cara Jessop

On grey, chilly days we like to rouse our spirits with inspiring stories from around the world, and one of our favourite go-to websites for this is the Social Tech Guide from Nominet Trust. 

Each year, Nominet Trust compiles a list of 100 of 'the world's most inspiring examples of tech for good.' The result is a wonderful, diverse selection of projects from around the world, ranging from virtual reality school trips to Antarctica and Mars (Google Expeditions) to a fisherman's app that helps to monitor rare species (Fishbrain).

Here are some examples of the brilliant work highlighted in the NT100:

  • WeFarm - a global, multilingual platform for farmers to share information to improve their crops and livelihoods via their mobiles
  • sharethemeal - the world's first app to solve global hunger
  • Landmark - the first global platform of indigenous and community lands
  • The Level Market - an online platform for aid workers which aims “to make buying a water filter for a child in Ethiopia as easy as buying a book on Amazon”
  • and our friends at SWOYO, the UK’s only disabled-led regional youth orchestra, and a non-profit creating instruments suited to the needs of those with limited mobility

With such incredible projects for company, we were thrilled that our work on Millie Moreorless was shortlisted for the NT100 last year, and are very proud to be listed on the Social Tech Guide.

Every time we revisit the site we find something new and fascinating, reminding us of the power of the human imagination and drive to help others - we highly recommend you take a look!

You can browse all the projects in the NT100 here and find our page in the Social Tech Guide here :) 

Chatty Natty reviews Millie Moreorless! by Cara Jessop

We had a lovely surprise when Downs Side Up chose to feature Millie Moreorless in their video series 'Chatty Natty'! 

Chatty Natty is a fun and friendly way to get the latest news in the Down's Syndrome community as well as snippets of family life from sisters Mia and Natty, with occasional glimpses of their mum Hayley too! 

You can watch the video where they talk us through playing Millie Moreorless here: We are sure

Chatty Natty is LIVE every weeknight at 7pm - do tune in if you can for a lovely end to your day!

A Gold Medal for Millie! by Cara Jessop

WOW Millie Moreorless has won GOLD in the 2016 International Serious Play awards! 

We are completely over the moon, and are so happy to be able to share this award with all the wonderful volunteers who helped us shape the game. 

Thank You!!!

The Serious Play awards recognise and celebrate the best learning games out there - so if you are looking for fun learning resources why not browse the list of winners here: