HELLO! / by Cara Jessop

Here is our journal, where we'll be sharing our journey as a new creative studio making accessible games for children with learning difficulties.

Our first project is The Amazing Adventures of Millie Moreorless, an iPad game based on pioneering research on the development of maths skills, and co-designed with young volunteers with Down's Syndrome.

We began developing the game in late 2014 through the fantastic REACT Play Sandbox in Bristol, with the help of Dr. Jill Porter from Bath University and the development team at Made in Me. You can read our design journal from that first phase of the project here

Now, with support from Nominet Trust, we are continuing to refine Millie Moreorless ready for release, as well as exploring ideas for future games. This means lots of playful workshops with volunteers at our new base in Playhubs at Somerset House. Hurray!