Our first BETT show / by Cara Jessop

Last week we went to our first BETT show. It is an enormous event, packed full of exciting stands for schools, teachers, learning support assistants and anyone else with an interest in cutting edge educational technology.

We were hugely excited to be given a spot in the Learn Live SEN arena, to talk about our experiences creating 'The Amazing Adventures of Millie Moreorless' with a team including academics, creative professionals, young volunteers with learning difficulties, and our own siblings!

The theatre was packed out, and we had some fantastic conversations afterwards with a few of the audience. It was good to hear several people voice the need for a game like ours, which focusses on pre-maths skills, as well as their thoughts on other areas of skills development we could look at next. 

These included:

- Comprehension: helping children process and understand what they are reading, rather than just saying the words

- Transference: helping children generalise their vocabulary, realising that the word 'dog' does not refer solely to the accompanying image of a dog on their flashcard, but to any number of different dogs

- Turn taking: finding ways to interest children in other people's activities during a game, rather than drifting off into a daydream!

Our heads are buzzing with exciting ideas for new games around these themes, some of which we have already begun trialling in our co-design sessions!


We also loved the photo booth at BETT from itslearning, where you could say what you felt should be at the heart of education. Here is Cara trying it out - 

What do you think should be at the heart of education? We say INCLUSION! Oh, and FUN... :)