World Down's Syndrome Day Wonders! / by Cara Jessop

We love World Down's Syndrome day. It's such a lovely opportunity to celebrate some of our favourite people, and see glimpses of families and friends enjoying the day all around the world. 

So many wonderful things were happening across our social media, we decided to collect together some of the moments that really stood out to us into an interactive story that you can find here.

We hope that you will enjoy looking over the pictures, videos and stories as much as we do!

You will see that Millie Moreorless makes an appearance in the story. We were so glad our game could be a part of the celebrations, and were delighted to find Apple featuring us on the iTunes home page. What better statement for the relevance of inclusive design!

Look out for our brother Tommy too - he was one of several actors with learning difficulties performing in Shakespeare's Globe last week! Channel 4 ran a piece on the event and their video has now been watched almost 4 million times on Facebook. Amazing!

Keep your eyes peeled for familiar faces... we're sure there will be a few!

Read our story here!