Winner of an Editor's Choice Award from the Children's Technology Review

Awarded Gold in the 2016 International Serious Play Awards

Millie Moreorless is a space adventurer exploring wild and wonderful planets on the outer reaches of our universe. She needs YOUR help!


MILLIE MOREORLESS is a beautiful new game to help kids with maths!

This learning game has been developed with children with Down’s Syndrome to help make it accessible, beneficial and fun for everyone. The gameplay is based on scientific research and aims to help players improve their number sense, as a foundation for learning maths. 



  • A fun environment for practising more and less
  • A clear learning curve
  • Easy to monitor a player’s progress
  • Based on scientific research
  • Designed and tested with children with Down’s Syndrome
  • 5 worlds to explore
  • Lots of rewards to collect along the way
  • Free-play area inside Millie’s backpack
  • Beautiful artwork by Nick Stoney
  • Original soundtrack by Sam Swallow of The Hoosiers


Child-friendly design

  • No third-party advertising
  • No in-app purchases
  • No social media integration


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