The Amazing Adventures of Millie Moreorless


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About Us

Enabling Play is a tiny new accessible games studio run by brother and sister team Will and Cara Jessop. We design our games with the help of children with learning difficulties, to make sure they are fun and beneficial for them.


About Millie Moreorless

The Amazing Adventures of Millie Moreorless is a game we developed with help from children with Down’s Syndrome to make sure it was accessibly paced and engaging for them.

It is based on new research which suggests the ability to tell which is ‘more’ from two groups of objects - or dots! - is a key foundational skill for later maths ability.

Basic maths is a fundamental requirement of an independent life. So by making a game to help young children with Down’s Syndrome get better at magnitude, we are really setting out to equip them with the skills to live a more independent and fulfilled life.

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Seeing player improvement

In Millie Moreorless, we have kept our scoring system simple and encouraging. Whenever a player completes a level, Millie celebrates with a dance! If a player completes a level with over 80% correct answers, they win a souvenir too. 

You can see how well your child is scoring simply by looking at the home planets screen - any level with a star on it has been completed with a score of over 80% correct answers. Hurray!

The difficulty in the game increases as the number of dots shown gets closer together each level, moving from a ratio of 1v4 in the first water world towards a ratio of 4v5 in the last moon levels. 



Cara & Will Jessop - Play design & art direction

Made in Me - Development

Steve Taylor & Ingrid Dahl-Olsen - Code Development

Nick Stoney - Illustration & animation

Sam Swallow - Original soundtrack

Dr. Jill Porter & Sarah King - Research & learning advisors


Thank you!

A huge thank you to our wonderful volunteers with Down’s Syndrome and their families who helped us design and test the game! You are our inspiration & motivation x



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